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Everyone has an athlete inside of them, yes even you! Los Angeles personal trainer at Train With Danny and its extensive network of health professionals help you find it! With various people and various approaches, we tailor our services to meet each unique client’s needs.

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What you get in every subscription?

  • Instruction that prevents injury by focusing on proper form and movement.
  • Food behavior modification.
  • Travel Workouts.
  • Periodic Progress Reports.
  • Most importantly, a work out you will never forget!

Train with Danny in person

If you live in the Los Angeles area and would prefer to be trained in person, Los Angeles personal trainer Danny offers in-person training at his Los Angeles location. This is a fantastic option to get real time in-person training in a Covid safe environment. Click below to see if you are a good fit for in-person training today.

Top Fitness Personal Trainer in Los Angeles, CA

For over a decade, Daniel Saltos has been leading a fitness revolution as a personal trainer in Los Angeles. Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Danny knows fitness is about more than weight loss — it is about curating a focused approach to achieve overall wellness through corrective exercise and behavior-changing techniques. Committed to providing end-to-end wellness solutions for his clients, Danny trains women from all walks of life, including CEOs, entertainment industry executives, models, and actors inside their homes, or in his primary gym. Los Angeles personal trainer Danny believes everyone has an athlete inside them. Allow him to help bring out yours.


The Transformative Benefits of Personal Training for Women in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for more than the Hollywood film industry, but also its warm climate, cultural diversity, and sprawling metropolitan area that is home to nearly four million people.

With such a diverse makeup, each person who lives or works in the City of Angels prioritizes their wellness differently, and for varying reasons.

That is what makes personal training in Los Angeles personal.

Whether you are getting fit for your wedding, staying in shape for your next modeling or acting audition or role, building your endurance to run your first 10K, or are already a triathlete, the benefits of personal training for women in Los Angeles begins with curating your fitness routine to meet your wellness goals.

At Train With Danny, we celebrate each of our client’s varying fitness goals, and are committed to providing Los Angeles personal training sessions for women that are as unique as they are.

Los Angeles Personal Training Designed For Women, By Women

Personal training in Los Angeles is not boot camp. It should not make you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or as though you should have to compare yourself or your progress to others.

That is why it is called personal training.

At Train With Danny, our National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM) certified personal trainer provides genuine self-assurance through nutrition, exercise, and complete wellness, which allows each of our clients to enjoy a tailored personal training experience during each session.

Personal training fitness sessions in Los Angeles are an opportunity to become healthier, leaner, and stronger, so our female clients can continue to explore the world with confidence and power.

Our Los Angeles personal trainer wants to hear more about your fitness journey, your day-to-day activities, and your overall goals, so together we can design a customized approach to meeting your overall fitness needs.

Curate Your Workouts With Los Angeles Personal Training Sessions for Women

At Train With Danny, our experienced Los Angeles personal trainer for women provides in-person sessions that are curated to meet each of our client’s unique needs.

If you cannot come to us, we will come to you, so your personal training remains a priority throughout your wellness journey.

If you would like to supplement your Los Angeles personal training sessions, or keep up the good work while traveling, you can Train With Danny on-demand and during live classes, or download our new app to access offline workouts, track your progress, collect health data, and get an all-access pass to premium features to take complete control of your training every day.

How Much Are Personal Training Sessions for Women in Los Angeles

At Train With Danny, our Los Angeles personal training sessions for women are competitively priced, so our clients know we are in this wellness journey together.

  • Single session personal training: $165
  • Partner session training: $125 each
  • Zoom Group Classes:
    • $20 each
    • 10 pack $180
    • 20 pack $340
  • TWD on Demand: $75/month

We also sell LA personal training sessions in packages, so you can plan your wellness commitment weeks or even months in advance.

Is Personal Training Better Than Joining a Gym in Los Angeles?

Every person — and every body — responds differently to workouts. While some people are perfectly comfortable working out in a group setting in a gym, others find Los Angeles personal training sessions for women more beneficial.

The privacy, customized workouts, positivity, and lifestyle tips that accompany our personal training sessions place women in control of their wellness routines, so they can take charge of their health and fitness.

Frequently asked questions

TWD on demand is the perfect marriage of group classes and one on one training. Minimal equipment needed for the best workout online.

Have you ever wanted to have a Los Angeles personal trainer from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost? Also, want to feel as though you have your own cheerleader to push you and motivate you to be the best and strongest version of yourself? That’s what live classes are like.

All the benefits of a Los Angeles personal trainer x 10. You’ll have the entire gym to yourself and 60 minutes dedicated to you and only you. Each and every session is tailored to you and your goals. The bonus - at the end of each session 5 to 10 minutes are dedicated to stretch and massage.

TWD on demand - $75/month. Live classes - $20 In person training - $165 per session

Yep! $125 per person

Must cancel with 24 hour notice to avoid being charged for your session.

I currently offer very basic nutritional guidance. I do not provide meal plans but can direct you to a great nutritionist that can provide you with a more in depth nutrition plan.

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