TWD is all about service, professionalism, & results

With each 60 minute session you are guaranteed the following:

  • A work out tailored specifically for you and your needs.
  • A work out that targets the results you want.
  • A prompt start time and a guided warm-up (5-10mins).
  • A proper cool down consisting of stretching, foam rolling, & SMR.

Within the TWD training model you are also guaranteed to receive:

  • Instruction that prevents injury by focusing on proper form and movement.
  • Nutritional guidance for weight management.
  • Food behavior modification.
  • Travel workouts.
  • Periodic Progress Reports.
  • Most importantly, a work out you will never forget!

TWD smart shopper sessions take you to the grocery store like never before:

  • Learn what to look for on nutrition labels.
  • Save money and shop healthy.
  • Creative meal plans that revolve around the foods you enjoy.